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This is another news release from the Port Authority.


February 2, 2018

Our Economy Benefiting From Natural Gas Industry

By: Rick Platt

Gas compressor components machined to one-one-thousandth of an inch. Steel strapping for transporting steel pipe. Ultrasound testing of materials for industry. Carbon fiber CNG tank manufacturing.

The Heath-Newark-Licking Port Authority and our business customers are not only powered by clean affordable natural gas, but also very ably provide goods and services to the energy industry. Licking Countyís economy, and that of our region and state, benefits from all aspects of the growing natural gas industry. Itís jobs.

Ohioís natural gas industry is helping to reach our nationís clean energy goals too. Today, natural gas generates 40 percent of our electricity and is an essential part of meeting the U.S. current- and long-term energy needs. Energy independence is within our nationís grasp.

One challenge is how we move natural gas to safely reach residential and business owners. This challenge has been answered by pipelines, which are the safest, most environmentally-friendly, efficient and reliable mode of transfer for natural gas, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Ohioís natural gas utilities and infrastructure professionals work with federal and state regulators, elected officials, and local stakeholders to uphold important safety policies that ensure system integrity and reliability.

Thereís a new natural gas service line being installed by The Energy Cooperative on our Port Authority campus. When I learn of new pipeline construction advancing in Ohio or see construction for these new lines underway, Iím reminded of the long-term benefits in having a modern, safe and reliable energy infrastructure that well serves our economy and quality of life.

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